Quilters Dream Batting

SWEET13 Dream Sweet Cotton Stuffing (Roll, Bulk 13 lb) shipping included*

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Quilters Dream Batting Sweet Cotton Stuffing

  • Sweet Dreams is a 100% cotton stuffing made of soft dreamy natural cotton.
  • A crafter’s dream for stuffing, primitives, pin cushions, ornaments, Puzzle Balls*  firm pillows and padding, upholstery, bumper pads and trapunto.
  • For stuffing or filling crafts and figures (dolls, bears, etc.) pull apart the desired amount of Sweet Dreams to fill your favorite project.
  • Fill loosely for a naturally soft cuddly effect or pack tightly for desired firmness.  
  • Easy to fill and pack small spaces (such as fingers, nose, etc on dolls, etc).
  • Surface cleaning is recommended
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