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Stitch in Time Quilt Batting® Try something new!
I am excited to share with you about our private label quilt batting products! This collection of battings have been curated and chosen with you, the quilter in mind. Not only are they soft and supple but are also strong and stable! Join me to learn more about this exclusive line of batting!
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Sept 20th  7 pm Central

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Have you ever thought about doing your own quilting?  I love to finish smaller projects with the Quilt as you Go method! This introduction to  building your sandwich as you piece the top will show you how easy it is to just need binding when you are done piecing!  Join me for this quick tutorial and make your holiday sewing Oh Sew Fun!
Grab a cup of cocoa and join in! Door Prizes!

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Sept 26th 7:00 pm Central



Dream Batting University


One of the biggest advantages to choosing Quilters Dream Batting is that we make so many types of quilt batting (ten and counting) that there is always a perfect Dream Batting for whatever quilt you want to make. We are thrilled to be able to offer you so many great options in various lofts! However, the more choices available, the harder it can be to choose the perfect batting for your quilt.  There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to every batting, and an advantage to one quilter may be a disadvantage to another! Batting Academy is about choices, and helping to make sure your finished quilt is perfect for whatever goal you have in mind because every quilt (even that pizza stained one on the back of my couch) is a treasure!
Mon Sept 18th 7:00  pm central
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 Batting: What' s Inside Matters!

Stephanie Hackney w/ Hobbs Batting


Consider this Batting 101.  Fun and educational lecture on how to choose
batting for your project.The why and when for the different fibers and  bonding methods. What you can expect from them in your finished quilt. This lecture provides the in depth info that isn't covered as much in the project lectures.You are welcome to attend this as many times as you wish. Door Prizes! I am also available to present this to your guild.

Oct 19th  7pm central

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