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PDBY108 Hobbs Polydown Batting by the Roll (Queen 108 in. x 30 yds.) shipping included*

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  • PDBY108 Hobbs Polydown Batting by the Roll (Queen 108 in. x 30 yds.) shipping included*
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Hobbs Polydown Batting by the Roll

Experience the superior quality of Hobbs Polydown Batting, meticulously crafted with high-grade polyester fibers for excellent loft, resilience, and durability.

  • Convenient Roll Size: Enjoy the convenience of purchasing Hobbs Polydown Batting by the roll, providing ample supply for multiple quilting projects and reducing the need for frequent reordering.
  • Lightweight and Fluffy: Enjoy the lightweight and fluffy nature of Hobbs Polydown Batting, providing a lofty and voluminous appearance to your quilts without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Versatile Quilting Applications: Explore a wide range of quilt styles with Hobbs Polydown Batting, suitable for both hand quilting and machine quilting projects, accommodating various design and stitching preferences.
  • Low Loft Design: Benefit from the versatility of this low loft batting, making it suitable for various quilt styles, including those that require a flatter appearance or intricate quilting designs.
  • Soft and Hypoallergenic: Experience the softness and hypoallergenic properties of polyester fibers in Hobbs Polydown Batting, ensuring a comfortable and allergen-free quilting experience.
  • Easy to Work With: Hobbs Polydown Batting by the Roll is easy to handle, cut, shape, and sew, making it a joy to work with for quilters of all skill levels.
  • Resilient and Durable: Benefit from the resilience and durability of polyester fibers in Hobbs Polydown Batting, ensuring that your quilts maintain their shape and structure over time.
  • Machine Washable: Enjoy convenient care and maintenance for your quilts, as Hobbs Polydown Batting is machine washable, ensuring long-lasting freshness and durability.
  • Trusted Brand: Trust in the reputation and expertise of the Hobbs brand, known for delivering high-quality batting that meets the needs of quilters worldwide.

Elevate your quilting projects with Hobbs Polydown Batting by the Roll, offering premium polyester fibers, convenient roll size, lightweight loft, versatility, and ease of use. Trust in the excellence of Hobbs to provide a reliable and durable foundation for your quilts. Enjoy the loftiness and durability of the polyester fibers, ensuring your quilts are both beautiful and long-lasting. Simplify your quilting process and save time with the ample supply provided by the roll size, allowing you to complete multiple projects without interruption.

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1 Review

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    Love this batting. Great for T Shirt quilts

    Posted by Jan on Apr 11th 2023

    I have purchased several rolls. Also good for flannel quilts.

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