Quilters Dream Batting

OK Dream Bamboo Batting (Case (5), King 122 in x 120 in) shipping included*

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Quilters Dream Batting Bamboo - Formerly Dream Orient

  • East Meets West in this Luxurious Blend of 25% Bamboo / 25% Cotton / 25% Tencel / 25% Tussah Silk
  • Quilters Dream Bamboo Batting is our most elegant quilt batting.
  • Dream Bamboo is a luxurious blend of velvety Bamboo, luscious Tussah silk, strong silky Tencel® and soft stable Cotton.
  • Dream Bamboo’s natural environmentally friendly fibers are blended, carded, crosslapped and finely needle punched to bring you unparalleled softness, strength, warmth and breathability.
  • The luscious silky soft drape makes Dream Orient a quilt batting beyond compare!
  • May be quilted up to 8" apart if desired.
  • Machine washable after quilting. Cool water/ Cool dryer
  • All natural fiber that breaths and retains its beautiful silky hand and drape.
  • Minimal shrinkage
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