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BY1296 Hobbs Polyester Batting by the Roll (Queen 96 in. x 18 yds) shipping included*

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316112-BY1296-18 yds.
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Hobbs Polyester Batting by the Roll

Experience the superior quality of Hobbs Polyester Batting, crafted with premium polyester fibers for excellent durability and loft.

  • Roll Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of purchasing Hobbs Polyester Batting by the roll, providing ample supply for multiple quilting projects.
  • Versatile Quilting Applications: Discover endless quilting possibilities with Hobbs Polyester Batting, suitable for a wide range of quilt styles, including traditional, modern, and art quilts.
  • Lightweight and Resilient: Create quilts that are lightweight yet resilient, as Hobbs Polyester Batting offers an optimal balance of loft and stability.
  • Easy to Work With: Simplify your quilting process with this user-friendly batting, which is easy to handle, cut, and sew, making it ideal for quilters of all skill levels.
  • Low-Maintenance: Hobbs Polyester Batting is machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat, ensuring easy care and maintenance for your quilts.
  • Even Distribution: Achieve a consistent and uniform appearance in your quilts, thanks to the even distribution of polyester fibers throughout Hobbs Polyester Batting.
  • Soft and Comfortable: Experience a soft and cozy feel in your quilts, as this polyester batting provides a comfortable touch that is pleasing to the senses.
  • Resists Shifting and Bearding: Enjoy a worry-free quilting experience, as Hobbs Polyester Batting resists shifting and bearding, keeping your quilts looking smooth and professional.
  • Trusted Brand: Trust in the reputation and expertise of the Hobbs brand, known for delivering high-quality batting that meets the needs of quilters worldwide.

Elevate your quilting projects with Hobbs Polyester Batting by the Roll, offering high-quality polyester fibers, versatility, convenience, and ease of use. Enjoy the comfort and reliability that come with the trusted Hobbs brand, and create quilts that are both beautiful and long-lasting.

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