Save Money with Large Quilt Batts!

Save Money with Large Quilt Batts!


Did you know that you can divide one Hobbs/Tuscany/Dream/ Stitch in Time King Size packaged quilt batt into 4 throws- 60 in x 60in? 

For example let's look at a Tuscany Silk king size package.

1 King Size Silk Batt( 120" x 120")/ shipping included   $ 61.95    cut into 4 throw batts (60" x 60")  $15.49 each


4 Throw Size Silk Batts( 60" x 60") shipping included    $83.80                                                          $20.95 each

                                                       WOW! That is a 26% Savings!

The same is true dividing Queen Size packaged batts into Crib Batts you can get 4- 48" x 54" batts from one Tuscany/Dream/Stitch in Time Queen size batt( 96" x 108")

1- Elegant Bleached Cotton Queen( 96" x 108")shipping included $34.95  cut into 4 Cribs  is $ 8.74 each

2- Elegant Bleached Cotton Throws( 60"x 60")shipping included   $29.95                   or          $14.97 each

                                                          WOW!  |That's a  42% Savings!

Now, I know you are thinking that the throw is a bit larger than a crib and yes it is. But, the 4 Cribs are 42% less cost for only 28% less batting than the throws! If you are making baby quilts often the 48" x 54" is more than sufficient!

Why do smaller quilt batts cost more respectively? It simply the additional cutting and packaging costs combined with the shipping costs.  Unfortunately, batting ships by dimensional weight vs. actual weight because it is a bulky product and takes up more room in the trucks. Making the shipping on one queen or king significantly less than the throws.

The moral of the story is that no matter which batting you prefer- Hobbs Batting, Quilters Dream Batting or Stitch in Time Quilt BattingĀ® - larger sizes are almost always a better value! Do you make lots of quilts? Consider purchasing your quilt batting by the roll for even greater savings and less waste!

                                                                     Happy Quilting!


Apr 12th 2022 Lyn Heilman

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