Dream Poly Batting

Dream Poly Batting

Dream Poly Batting

DreamPoly Batting black


Dream Black Polyester quilt batting  is a rich colorfast black , fine fiber batting that is wonderful with dark and bright colored fabrics.

Quilters Dream Poly Batting Features:

 Dream Poly resists bunching and shifting and is strong enough to stitch up to 10″ apart giving the quilter incredible freedom of design.

 Warm and breathable.

·No scrim, resin or glues so that your quilt remains soft and quilts beautifully.

 Your finished quilt may be machine wash and dried.  May dry clean. 

Dream Poly batting resists holding a crease or wrinkling which makes Dream Poly a perfect choice for packing, storing and traveling.

Midnight Black Dream Poly quilt batting is a true deep black that enhances the richness of dark and bright colored fabrics.

No shrinkage – which can help give a modern quilting look when used with prewashed/preshrunk fabrics.

May Quilt up to 10" Apart.