Seo, platforms, blogs, keywords, apps oh my!  Having had a website for many, many years, I now have a much better understanding how it all fits together just like a detailed quilt top.  I'm a learn by seeing kind of gal, so all the videos and tech support have been awesome as I finally bit the bullet and built the website myself. I'm so thankful to have had this experience to reaffirm the usefulness of our complimentary lectures and videos for other visual learners.

We are currently building our schedule for the last half of 2021. New and exciting offerings are on tap with experts in the quilting industry! New offerings ...  "Scared Stitchless"  free motion quilting with Liz Grandberg-Jerome, "What Needle to Use" with Rhonda Pearce/ Schmetz needles and a brand new Holiday Crafts session with quick and easy projects perfect for craft fairs or gifts!  Be sure to check out all the complimentary lectures/classes on our Lectures/Events page!

Let me leave you for now with this quick and easy doll bassinet idea that will be included in our Holiday Crafts and Gifts Lecture! It all starts with a plastic basket from Target...


Happy Sewing/Quilting!


Jul 7th 2014 Lyn Heilman

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